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> On Thursday October 08 2015 07:16:51 Alejandro Imass wrote:
> > Perhaps it's a good time to evaluate a switch to PCBSD and ditch the
> Linux
> > ;-)
> Why?
> I've already checked the temp of those waters. I know MacPorts comes from
> BSD originally, but I cannot say I felt right at home at once on PC-BSD in
> that aspect. Maybe MacPorts has been on a divergent evolutionary path from
> its BSD ancestor ...
> There's also the question of hardware support, and software that exists
> for Linux but not BSD. I like the fact PC-BSD uses ZFS (so does my Linux
> box :)) but I'm not convinced about its choice as an OS for a generic
> desktop/workstation instead for server purposes.
> R.

Hardware support I don't believe is an issue, IMHO anyway, unless you have
very exotic hw.  You can run PCBSD on UFS too, but I think BSD will be more
compatible in general with your Mac, because OS X also derived mainly from

It just makes sense to me that if you use Mac and MacPorts any BSD variant
should be more attractive than a Linux one. Ubuntu and all it's derivatives
have become extremely bloated, but I guess it all dependes on your use
case. E.g. for a household user perhaps Linux is a better choice but if you
are developer or more technical user perhaps PCBSD is a better alternative.

I particularly dislike the way Debian derivatives _heavily_ modify original
software and I don't like their Perl Policy. I prefer the BSD-way where
original software is kept very closely to the original source. At the
beginning I thought dpkg was cool, but over time I prefer the ports way,
where software is only minimally modified and ported. Moreover, the binary
package managers in FBSD have been getting better and better over time and
are compatible with ports, something that I don't know of any Linux capable
of (i.e. you can interchangeably install something via ports or binary
package and to they system it's the same thing).

Alejandro Imass
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