Does MacPorts provides its Test/QA results online?

Jeffrey Walton noloader at
Wed Oct 28 19:15:46 PDT 2015

> The system linker is the issue here; while MacPorts can build its own
> copy of that (often with bugfixes from later OS X releases), as yet nobody
> has implemented the feature in question in OS X ld at all.

Agreed, but what LD chooses to do is not the problem here.

The immediate problem here is GCC supplies an option, documents the
option, and then the compiler rejects it. Also, if its is an LD issue,
then I believe LD should reject it. The compiler should not reject it
by proxy.

Perhaps all the other compilers, like Apple's GCC and Clang, got it
wrong. Or perhaps they realized that breaking the compile and forcing
a remediation that puts the program in the exact same state as if the
option was consumed in the first place is questionable and not serving
user's needs. The best I can tell, removing the option does not
mitigate the risk you described.

I don't even think the compilers can be faulted for *not* issuing a
warning because its the purview of LD, and not CC/CXX.

I hope I am not missing something obvious here...


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