pan2 did not install on SnowLeopard and Xode 4

FritzS - gmx fritzs at
Thu Sep 3 06:12:04 PDT 2015

> Am 01.09.2015 um 22:44 schrieb David Evans <devans at>:
> On 9/1/15 11:09 AM, David Evans wrote:
>> On 9/1/15 10:50 AM, FritzS - gmx wrote:
>>> pan2 installations don’t work with Yosemite 10.10.4 and current Xcode - I know about this!
>>> So I want to compile it on my old MacMini and under Snow Leopard and Xcode 4
>>> But this don’t work to. What could I do to compile pan?
>>> I append 
>>> the list of all installed ports
>>> config.log
>>> main.log
>> Thanks for this report.  The port isn't configuring properly with latest intltool 0.51 and needs
>> some adjustments to the port.  Not your fault. Will take a look at it.
> I committed a fix in r139911 that fixes the configuration problem you are reporting.  The port still
> fails to build with recent clang++ due to ISO C++ incompatibilities but it may work for you on Snow Leopard.
> sudo port selfupdate
> sudo port clean pan2
> sudo port install pan2
> Let us know how it goes either way.  There's a lot of work in the upstream git repository that appears to address both
> the ISO C++ problems and gtk3 support as well.  When I have a chance, I'll see if building a git snapshot will get it
> working on recent OS releases (10.9+).


Compiling works well now on SL and Xcode.

After this I copy 
to into the MacPorts directory of my MBP / Yosemite - pan works well now under Yosemite to.
Are other files needed too? 
I take the pan2 installation under Yosemite before - all other packets are installed.

Only pan / File / Quit works very slow.

I wonder under Windows there are an pan 0.140 release

PS: Now I will save my own build MacPoarts pan2 version for future.


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