Quick question: how to "clear" earlier variants list?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Sep 17 10:18:12 PDT 2015

On Sep 17, 2015, at 11:40 AM, Kennedy, Smith wrote:

> I've been struggling with getting Wireshark 1.12.7 to build lately - there seems to be some issue with the Lua bindings.  I tried to disable the Lua bindings in the build, but the set of variants I had previously set seem to be "sticky", even after I do a "sudo port clean --all wireshark".  What else do I need to do to clear out the previously set of variants?

Variants are intended to be sticky to the extent that if you install a port with a particular set of variants, that set of variants will be preserved when you later upgrade the port. If you don't want that, install (not upgrade) the port, with the set of variants you want.

Variants are also intended to be sticky to the extent that if you list some variants in the variants.conf file, that list of variants will be used for any port you install thereafter.

Individual ports can also declare that certain variants should be on by default. For example wireshark turns most of its variants on by default, including the lua variant. You can see this by running "port variants wireshark" or "port info wireshark"; the variant names that are preceded by "[+]" are on by default. If you don't want some of those variants, explicitly disable them when installing (and your choice will be remembered when upgrading).

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