Xcode 7.0?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Fri Sep 18 05:47:38 PDT 2015

On Sep 18, 2015, at 7:09 AM, Richard Cobbe wrote:

> On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 04:54:37AM -0500, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> On Sep 18, 2015, at 2:53 AM, Dave Horsfall wrote:
>>> Looks like my MacBook (10.10.5) just helped itself to Xcode 7.  Should I
>>> be worried about any, err, issues?  I recall a note about that...
>> Because Xcode 7 only contains the OS X 10.11 SDK, you may have problems building some ports on OS X 10.10 that expect there to be a corresponding OS X 10.10 SDK. These could be viewed as bugs in those ports, but I'm worried there may be many of them. I'm worried, for instance, about all ports that build using cmake.
> This seems to suggest that those of us who are still running 10.10
> shouldn't upgrade.  Is that correct?  (Somewhat surprising, since 10.11
> won't be released for another couple of weeks.)

I have kept my 10.10 machine at Xcode 6.4 for now, and if you can do that too, you will probably have fewer problems as a result. But I might upgrade to Xcode 7 just to see what problems arise and to see if I can fix them. Users of 10.11 have to use Xcode 7 or later; earlier versions will cause problems there.

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