Xcode 7.0?

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> On Sep 18, 2015, at 08:15, Dave Horsfall <dave at horsfall.org> wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Sep 2015, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> No need for you to test anything. As I said before, OS X 10.11 requires 
>> Xcode 7. But this thread was started by someone on OS X 10.10, and I 
>> explained in my previous post why Xcode 7 on OS X 10.10 might be 
>> problematic, in ways that Xcode 7 on OS X 10.11 would not be 
>> problematic.
> So, would I be correct in concluding that Apple just pushed out a public 
> release of Xcode (viz: 7) that may not be compatible with the current 
> public release of OS/X (viz: 10.10)?


The OS X 10.11 SDK is compatible with building OS X applications for OS X 10.10.  Some people misunderstand how SDKs work.  You can use newer SDKs to build for older OS versions (for example, I use the latest OS X SDK to build XQuartz for Snow Leopard users still).  Headers are annotated with availability such the new symbols are weakly linked.  Take a look at Availability.h for more details on how that works.

The OS X 10.11 SDK does remove some long-deprecated header, but there shouldn't be any ports that are hit by that.  If there are, then it is a bug in the port which also affects users on OS X 10.11.

> I suppose, in a quantum sort of way, that that's taking security to the 
> limits :-)
> Please note that I am *not* knocking the MacPorts bods; they do a great 
> job, in what I know is a difficult and thankless task.
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