Cursor doesn't change over splitter handle in pyqt5

Timothy W. Grove tim_grove at
Thu Sep 24 14:14:05 PDT 2015

Has anyone else experienced this where the mouse cursor doesn't change 
over  a splitter handle? It seems to relate to an old qt bug Not sure what to do about 
it... apart from waiting ...

I'm working with PyQt5 and seeing this issue in Mavericks and Yosemite.

Using Macports:
python3.4 @3.4.3_5
qt5-mac @5.4.2_1
py34-sip @4.16.9_0
py34-pyqt5 @5.5_0

Sample code:

from PyQt5.QtWidgets import *

if _/name/_ == '_/main/_':
       import sys
       app = QApplication(sys.argv)

       mainWindow = QMainWindow()
       splitter = QSplitter()

       widget1 = QWidget()
       widget1.setStyleSheet('background-color: Blue')
       widget2 = QWidget()
       widget2.setStyleSheet('background-color: Black')

      # removing the next line will fix the issue!
      #winId = widget1.winId()




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