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Mon Sep 28 12:00:37 PDT 2015

anting to put up a usable GUI basically had to be built as an app bundl=
e ... unless you were called Adobe Illustrator (or comparable) in which=
 case you could be built like a PEF executable or something of the sort=

Evidently a "BSD Utility" cannot have an Info.plist, but there are ways=
 to set up that Info Dictionary programmatically (I've been doing that =
with the LSUIElement flag in numerous Qt/KDE daemons). Other than that,=
 I'm not noticing any difference in the behaviour of applications built=
 either the one or the other way, at least not when I launch them from =
a terminal or fork()/exec() .

I'm asking in the context of designing a cross-platform "launch-a-proce=
ss" function which provides the most natural opening behaviour of the s=
tarted application. In particular, something that does not cause the ne=
w application to open its windows behind those of the current process, =
so unlike what happens when you use system() or fork()/exec() to start =
an application on OS X (instead of LaunchServices).

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