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Mon Sep 28 12:00:37 PDT 2015

arting application "A".

However, LaunchServices will not launch all applications directly; it c=
ertainly uses as a delegate when starting a shell script. =
I am less sure about GUI applications built as BSD utilities; I have th=
e impression that the "open" command will usually launch those directly=
 ... but then again that command probably doesn't use LaunchServices in=
 its most basic form.
This is probably the main question I'm looking to see answered: when/ho=
w can I use LaunchServices so it doesn't use a delegate application lik=
e ?

A related question: I've managed to write an AppleScript that brings a =
started application to the foreground from the calling application, usi=
ng the "System Events" library. What SDK would I be looking for to see =
if I can do the same without using AppleScript?


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