WebKit2-GTK: quartz VS XQuartz

Andrea Giammarchi andrea.giammarchi at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 01:21:11 PDT 2016

Some sort of followup from mozjs24 thread, strictly related to WebKit2 GTK3.

The default, XQuartz based version, seems to have some issue with SSL /
HTTPS sites.

If you use this file as example:

you'll notice a `broken pipe` error everytime you try to reload `
https://www.google.com/` or any other https site. However, if you try any
non htps site, it will show it without problems.

Working example:
`gjs browser.gjs http://archibold.io/`

Omit the site to try google.com and its default redirect to https that will

I'm not sure there's a missing dependency or something, all I know is that
using the `+quartz` based version doesn't have any issue (or at least, not
this one).

However, I've also realized using `-x11 +no_x11 +quartz +gtk3` variants
means that **a lot of stuff needs to be built**, but I find the quartz
based version of GTK3 faster, in terms of bootstrap time, good and same
looking of XQuartz, through the adwaita icon theme, and also a more
consistent experience compared with the one offered by Homebrew.

As summary, and for the sake of GTK3 users:

   1. wouldn't be better if MacPorts GTK3 was using by default quartz
   instead of XQuartz backend? This would solve the problem with not having
   XQuartz installed
   2. wouldn't be better macports experience if quartz backend was also
   pre-built like it is for the xquartz one? Installation time is 10x slower
   than the Homebrew one

Last, but not least, is there a way to specify quartz variants at runtime,
instead of modifying the `/opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf` file ?

Thanks in advance for any sort of outcome.
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