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> I wish what you say were true, but Time Machine eventually can get to a point where it requires you to delete everything or start a new backup volume.  This can happen when its size is considerably larger than the size of the drive it's backing up.  I know this because it has happened to me.  When it reaches that point it doesn't allow you to make ANY other changes, including deleting directories in the backup that you could do without.  I exclude /opt/local from backups, along with other folders that can be readily reconstructed so that I won't run into this problem again.

How long ago was that? 

I've managed to delete stuff from the only existing backup in 1.7.10.
And, I discovered that if you change the "what is backed up" to only a single small partition, Time Machine will happily back that up, and then the other backup is now no longer the latest and should be deleteable.

(I did that to force a full re-backup, when I had reasons to distrust the completeness of the existing backup.)

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>> René J.V. Bertin wrote on 26.04.2016 13:19: 
>> > Superfluous backing up of course ends up wasting significant amount of space on the backup disk esp. for developers who regularly to something like `port -n upgrade --force` after an incremental rebuild with only minimal changes. It is also costly in terms of time when you're using a NAS like my Time Capsule (even when connected via a wired gigabit connection). 
>> In default configuration time machine will automatically discard old 
>> backups in favor of new ones, so there shouldn't be any space problems 
>> ever. 
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