Mirroring and corporate firewall/proxy

Guillaume Lapierre g.lapierre at senat.fr
Wed Dec 14 10:14:56 CET 2016


I am an happy user of MacPorts at home and started using it at work.

I have a problem with my corporate firewall when I need to install "big" 
packages (for instance db48 which is 19,9 Mbits). My firewall/proxy (and 
I have no control over its configuration) do antivirus check on all 
downloads including over https. To do this the proxy download the 
package on its side, do the antivirus check and then if everything is 
fine send back the file to the client. During the download process it 
sends keep-alive packets. This means that the download rate at the 
begining is dropping very fast and, at the end, will increase with the 
whole file being send over the lan.

This work in a browser environment but macport will switch from mirror 
to mirror before any of them has a chance to finish the download.

So I have two questions:
- is there a way to disable mirroring?
- if not how can I manually copy the package file in the /opt filesystem 
in order to skip the fetch process?

I use this opportuny to thank all the hard working developpers who 
contribute to macports!



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