IPython 4.0 and Jupyter in MacPorts

Fielding, Eric J (329A) eric.j.fielding at jpl.nasa.gov
Sun Jan 3 13:10:48 PST 2016

I only use IPython occasionally, so I just now found out that the new version of IPython 4.0 has major changes, and MacPorts has installed the new version in one of my port upgrades. We used to run “ipython notebook” to get the notebook version of IPython, but this has been removed and we are supposed to use a new program called Jupyter. I installed what I guessed is required to use Jupyter with port install py34-jupyter and py34-ipykernel.

Is there something else I need to install to be able to run the new command “jupyter notebook”? The “jupyter” program is not in my path. I found /opt/local/bin/jupyter-3.4, but “jupyter-3.4 notebook” says it does not know “notebook”.

The Jupyter documentation (http://jupyter.readthedocs.org/en/latest/install.html) says to use pip to install Jupyter, but I understand that this will likely mess up the MacPorts installation.


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