Trouble with Macports Install - 2014 Mac Mini running El Capitan

Steve Sharpe steve.sharpe.boise at
Sat Jan 9 09:01:50 PST 2016

I downloaded 'mythtv-pkg.27-Fixes-0.27.4-20150304.mpkg' from the website and installed it without issue.  However, when I get to the first “paste” entry to begin initializing the database (paste sudo -u _mysql mysql_install_db into a Terminal window), I’m prompted for a password.  The ‘mythtv’ password doesn’t work.  Pressing enter for a blank password doesn’t work either.  I confirmed that the default config.xml file located in the .mythtv folder is unchanged (shows both username and password as ‘mythtv’).  I tried removing the Macports app folder and deleted both the .mythtv and /opt/ folders and reinstalled Macports from the downloaded .mpkg file.  No change in the password issue.  Any advice???
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