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William H. Magill magill at mac.com
Wed Jan 27 09:42:11 PST 2016

This is obviously "one of those important things" that Apple won't tell us about - or Fix - or tell "us" how to fix it.
If you scan the forums, it has been around for a while.
It is clearly related to Apple's security, nominally to the new "rootless" (or whatever its name is) environment, and "sandboxing."

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On Jan 27, 2016, at 08:38 AM, Mark Brethen <mark.brethen at gmail.com> wrote:

On el capitan I’ve noticed when installing ports messages in the console like the following:

1/27/16 7:31:48.671 AM sandboxd[116]: ([33785]) javac(33785) deny file-write-create /opt/local/var/macports/home/.oracle_jre_usage

Is this anything to be concerned about?
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