MacPorts for non-Internet-connected networks

John Oliver joliver at
Wed Jan 27 15:42:27 PST 2016

I want to be able to use MacPorts on a network that isn't connected to
the Internet.  Googling hasn't helped much... someone else who asked
about this years ago was told they could probably write a HOWTO for the
wiki, but clearly never did :-)

I'm assuming I can install the package, put ports.tar.gz on a web
server, and... here's where I'm really not sure.  wget / curl the entire site?  I have to imagine that would be pretty
darn big, and I don't need all the history of old versions.

I sawa  mention that 'port fetch repodef:ansible' may get everything I
need for ansible.  I can test that, but I'd really like to get the
latest version and all dependencies for everything, without the history,
so I can 'port install whateveriwant' 

After that, clearly, the next step would be to come up with a way to
just grab deltas, so i don't have to transfer gigabytes every time I
want to update one package.

Any ideas, hints, suggestions?  I have to imagine someone else has done

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