another round of KF5 test-building please

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Jun 15 01:30:43 PDT 2016

Hello (esp. Marko),

Would someone please have (or find) the time to run a test build of my KF5-Frameworks port, preferably before I start the upgrade process to 5.23.x and PREFERABLY with the stock cmake PortGroup?

Reason I'm asking is that it no longer uses the +qspXDG variant to link in the activator module for my QSP patch. Instead it uses the newer approach where the QSP mode (native or XDG) is determined at build time (of the "client", not Qt itself). This is achieved currently by defining the preprocessor tokens via configure.cppflags ... but I'm not 100% sure that the stock cmake PortGroup handles that variable correctly.

My own cmake PortGroup has code that ensures those variables do make it into the corresponding CMake variables; patches have been submitted but michaelld has been ignoring those tickets AFAICT. I could provide our own cmake PortGroup of course, but between patching a file (cmake-1.0.tcl) from a port that's not "openmaintainer" or providing an alternative (cmake-1.1.tcl) I really don't know which is the lesser evil. I'm already beginning to wonder if my Qt5 ports including the KF5 PortGroup shouldn't use the qt5-kde PortGroup directly instead of exploiting the fact that port:qt5 *is* openmaintainer (=>changing the Qt5 PortGroup is at least admissable on paper).


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