Macports needs a little marketing

Kevin Walzer kw at
Mon Nov 7 15:00:13 CET 2016

On 11/7/16 5:51 AM, Guido Soranzio wrote:
>> On Nov 7, 2016, at 00:59, [ftp83plus] wrote:
>> Newbie here: how it is different from Pallet?
> Pallet makes use of the MacPorts_Framework, the official way to
> interact with the Tcl-based APIs by the Cocoa programs.

MacPorts_Framework is broken, no?

> JPortsUI parses directly the output of the ‘port’ command
> (“screen scraping”) and could stop working if a new release of
> the command would change the output format even for simple aesthetic
> reasons.
PortAuthority has used this approach for over a decade. In that time the 
output of "port" has changed just once, and adjusting it was fairly simple.


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