macOS Sierra / 10.12 support - where are we?

William H. Magill magill at
Wed Sep 21 22:06:00 PDT 2016

I’ve successfully updated to Sierra on my late 2010 iMac and installed Mac ports.
Currently waiting for the download to complete on my 2012 Mac Mini.

The re-install of Mac ports was delayed only by the inordinate amount of time it takes to download Xcode 8!

The actual install of the Mac Ports pkg was the fastest and cleanest install of Mac Ports I can remember over many years of working with Mac Ports.

Cudos to all those involved.

William H. Magill
# iMac11,3 Core i7 [2.93GHz - 8 GB 1067MHz] OS X 10.12
# Macmini6,1 Intel Core i5 [2.5 Ghz - 4GB 1600MHz] OS X 10.12

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