speex vs speex-devel

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Fri Apr 14 08:06:47 UTC 2017

On Apr 13 08:59:56, ionic at macports.org wrote:
> On 04/01/2017 06:13 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> > Since it looks like speex has been superseded by opus, I guess there won't be any further major development on speex, so I agree having -devel ports isn't useful anymore.
> Well, probably not, but speex is/was notorious for releasing rcs and betas for a
> very long time before the actual stable release. That was probably the reason
> for having a -devel variant.

My point is that the speex-devel port is exactly the same as the speex port.
They are two names for the same thing. Same for speexdsp and speexdsp-devel.
There is no point having the same thing as two different ports.

> With newer speex versions, speex and speexDSP were split. Ironically, speexDSP
> was never released as a stable version (or at least not yet, see my comment
> above...),

Yes, it seems SpeexDSP 1.2rc3 from January, 2015 is the latest.

> so when I updated the port(s) the only way to go was to put them both
> to the same version, including stable speex and pre-release speexDSP.
> Otherwise, we wouldn't have speexDSP, which programs do tend
> to use in addition to plain speex.

I agree that we want to keep both speex and speexdsp.
It's just the -devel versions that should be removed,
being just another copy.

> My idea was to keep them synched and once a stable version
> of any is released, switch to that + whenever a new rc/beta/whatever
> is released after that bump the -devel ports only.
> I have no idea how likely that is anymore.

OK, I see. That sounds like a reason to have both speex and speex-devel.
But I don;t thin there is any point in that now ...

> All that said: even while speex might be deprecated in favor of OPUS
> (and so is SILK), it doesn't mean that development and usage
> is completely dead. Having no speex implementation available
> would be a bad idea.

Of course. People still use it, we need to keep it.

> > Before actually removing them, the -devel ports should be replaced_by the non-devel ports for a time, to give users of the -devel ports a chance to upgrade to the non-devel ports.
> Go ahead if you want to.



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