qt5-qtenginio is obsolete

Fielding, Eric J (329A) eric.j.fielding at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Apr 18 01:27:43 UTC 2017

I might have missed something in the last few months, but I didn’t find a mention of this.

I did a “port upgrade outdated” after a month or two, and I got this error message:

Error: qt5-qtenginio is obsolete; please uninstall it.
Error: Failed to configure qt5-qtenginio: obsolete port

I did as it suggested and uninstalled the port despite the dependency
sudo port uninstall qt5-qtenginio
Note: It is not recommended to uninstall/deactivate a port that has dependents as it breaks the dependents.
The following ports will break: qt5 @5.6.2_0
Continue? [y/N]: Y
Warning: Uninstall forced.  Proceeding despite dependencies.
--->  Deactivating qt5-qtenginio @5.6.2_0
--->  Cleaning qt5-qtenginio
--->  Uninstalling qt5-qtenginio @5.6.2_0
--->  Cleaning qt5-qtenginio

Then I re-installed qt5 to try to fix the dependencies:

sudo port install qt5
--->  Computing dependencies for qt5
--->  Cleaning qt5
--->  Updating database of binaries
--->  Scanning binaries for linking errors
--->  Found 49 broken files, matching files to ports
--->  Found 4 broken ports, determining rebuild order
You can always run 'port rev-upgrade' again to fix errors.
The following ports will be rebuilt:
py27-pyqt5 @5.8.1
webkit-gtk3 @2.4.11+video
webkit2-gtk @2.14.2+gtk2+x11
texlive-bin @2016+x11
Continue? [Y/n]: y

Is this the correct procedure? Seems to be working (although taking a while to compile webkit2-gtk).

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