running macports along with homebrew

Umesh Singla umeshksingla at
Tue Aug 29 12:55:26 UTC 2017

I am using both homebrew and macports with *default* settings. My current
$PATH is:

echo $PATH


It simply looks for the packages in the default macports directory
(/opt/local) first and then others, I guess. Though I constantly run into
problems with different versions of pythons I have installed and need to
specify the path every time. Nonetheless, it works.

But I have seen many people getting into problems like this. This one guy
came up with a script [0] to wrap macports executables with the appropriate
environment before using them. I think this is what you might be looking
for. I haven't checked the script thoroughly but seems doable.

I was thinking of simply modifying the PATH var in .bashrc though.


- Umesh

Umesh Singla

On Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 5:38 PM, db <iamsudo at> wrote:

> I searched the docs, the list's archive and stackexchange amongst other
> sources for sort of a best practice for running macports along with
> homebrew, to no avail.
> From those I gathered that the only problem one could run into, it seems,
> would be at build time — hence some advise on changing the PATH possibly
> with a script while building or upgrading.
> Besides missing ports and updated versions, what appeals to me from
> homebrew is cask (I have to read its documentation though), which could
> even install macports. What it doesn't: ruby, learning the peculiarities of
> another package manager and the whole Schraderbräu lingo.
> Is anyone actually using both package managers that could advise on a best
> way to run them together?
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