GIMP native Quartz

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at
Thu Dec 21 16:26:58 UTC 2017


Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Question: GIMP works quite fine, but compared to the official build I got on the website (which is for 10.6 and up though), in our version all controls look like GTK on X11, while in the other one they look more mac-like, some look being even native.
>> Is this a difference of OS? GTK? build setting? a GTK theme?
> That sounds like you're using the X11 variant of the ports, and not the Quartz variant.

Almost, how can I be sure?
I notice that the menus are native, I see no X11 running. However 
Panels, controls, buttons, etc have exactly that look.

how does it look at your place, for those who have gimp installed? maybe 
I can show a screenhsot.

> We don't have a way to accept donations of money at this time, but we 
> accept donations of time, if you want to donate that to participate in 
> discussions here on the mailing list, file bugs, fix or update ports, 
> fix or update the guide, etc. 

Fine.. maybe somebody want to work with me on TenFourFox-Intel and/or 
projects like FlexiSheet, GNUMail and other apps, I will present them.

And of course.. someone will sometimes report how things are on 10.5/ 
intel 32bit


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