Lynx port crash

Jan Stary hans at
Sun Dec 24 13:59:07 UTC 2017

On Nov 10 07:37:31, rmgls at wrote:
> It was fixed on my demand two years ago by  the developer
> Thomas Dickey  (a FreeBSD developer!)
> I will revert to 2.8.8 to see if it is the culprit.

> >> Hello The lynx macport still crashes
> >> when renaming a file or folder.

I don't get it: when does lynx rename a file or directory,
and how exactly does it crash?

> >> The  lynx-cur.tar.gz from
> >> source code compiles fine, 
> >> And does not crash at all  while renaming.

MP uses lynx2.8.8rel.2.tar.bz2

> >> This problem affect only the lynx from macports.

What problem? Is there a ticket?


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