Lynx port crash

Jan Stary hans at
Tue Dec 26 17:01:07 UTC 2017

On Dec 26 11:12:58, rmgls at wrote:
> >  Could you be more specific about what you mean by "add anything" and "renaming a file/folder"? What series of steps would we need to perform on our systems to observe the problem?
> sorry, my english is not very concease, but here is how to reproduce:
>  here is the complete procedure to repeat.
> sudo port install lynx.
>    ...
> lynx ./
>    m n
> NEWNAME return:
>    abort: trap 6!!!

On my 10.13.2 with lynx @2.8.8rel.2_2,

$ touch A
$ lynx ./
	"Modify name, location, or permission (n, l, or p):"
	"Enter new name for file: A"

either renames A to B or crashes.
I didn't spot any pattern in the behaviour.

(Why do you use lynx to rename files?
 Why does lynx even have this feature?)

> this was fixed in lynx-cur when i contacted Thomas Dickey.

Great. So update the macport of lynx with his patch.
Or at least post a link here showing the diff that fixes this.


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