Lynx port crash

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Tue Dec 26 18:55:30 UTC 2017

Thank you very match.

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> On 26 Dec 2017, at 18:16, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> On Dec 26, 2017, at 04:12, rmgls wrote:
>> sorry, my english is not very concease, but here is how to reproduce:
>> here is the complete procedure to repeat.
>> sudo port install lynx.
>>  ...
>> lynx ./
>>  m n
>> NEWNAME return:
>>  abort: trap 6!!!
>> this was fixed in lynx-cur when i contacted Thomas Dickey.
> Your English is fine! Thanks for the reproduction recipe. I didn't know lynx had file management capabilities built in.
> I can reproduce this problem. I have determined that it was fixed between 2.8.9dev.2 and 2.8.9dev.3. I can't find a public repository of lynx source code so I will try to create a patch that we can use in MacPorts.

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