TenFourFox on Intel

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at libero.it
Sun Dec 31 09:48:58 UTC 2017

Hi Ken,

>> OK. My 10.5 Intel machine is humming away, trying to build TenFourFox using 
>> your latest git commits. It’s about 40 minutes into is so far.
>> There were no issues building all the prerequisites using MacPorts default 
>> portfiles, except for the libidl +universal thing I mentioned. Everything 
>> installed smoothly.

That speaks fine for MacPorts then!

What's up with libidl?

>> I looked at the various *.mozcfg files, and I figured you must be using the 
>> DEBUG.mozcfg as your basis, so I copied that into ".mozconfig” and that 
>> is the one the build is currently using. I didn’t notice any others that 
>> seemed more workable. If you’re using a different configuration file, 
>> please let me know.

I actually use a different one, it is not commited (*), I attach it here.

It disables several problematic features: The goal is currently to "finish the build" and see if we start up the browser.
Slowly we can then debug enable things again, but with a priority.
It makes no sense to concentrate on the first issue found when there are maybe other important features missing.

>> If this finishes building (miracle), I’ll see if it will build on 10.6 
>> using the 10.4u SDK.

The miracle didn't happen yet :) 

I attach some other local patches whcich are either mere hacks or written in a way upsteam does not approve.

1) stuff to disable SSE2 and AVX2 in libvpx
2) patch to disable SKIA completely. It is disabled on current PPC builds, might be difficult to enable in the future
3) patch to work around some libstdc++ namespace issues. Perhaps there are better ways, it is very strange that TT maintainer does NOT have this issues, while from some bug I found in GCC and MacPorts they look like issues with older OS's. My guess is that a newer version of GCC might help. I think the GCC headers are not correctly working around the missing functions because "something" is not enabled. The patch comes out of the GCC 4.8 headers themselves, but without the ifdef's inside

Since you need to pach configure, I am sorry, but you need to remove your build directory and restart from scatch.


(*) I currently commit only things that I know can go upstream, because I don't know of a convenient way to make pull requests only of certain commits. The only thing I could come up is a branch in my fork.
I am not very git savvy, preferring svn. If we start working together on my fork, we need to optimize this.
Currently, there are few uncommited changes anyway.

(**) I just found out that my Mailer GNUMail currently chokes on attachments... will send you them in a different way. More details on that Later

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