Will using only dolphin be too much overhead?

Jonathan Stickel jjstickel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 12:48:04 UTC 2017

On 2/7/17 21:38 , Dorien Herremans wrote:
> Error: Failed to archivefetch gtk3: gdk-pixbuf2 must be installed with +x11.

This is the relevant error message. +x11 is the default variants, so you 
must have -x11 set somehow. You need to correct this and reinstall 
gdk-pixbuf2 +x11. Read the macports docs about variants.

> Error: See
> /opt/local/var/macports/logs/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_tarballs_ports_gnome_gtk3/gtk3/main.log
> for details.
> Error: Follow https://guide.macports.org/#project.tickets to report a bug.
> Error: Processing of port kde4-baseapps failed
> I've already tried: sudo port selfupdate
> Anything else I should be aware of?

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