Will using only dolphin be too much overhead?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Feb 9 15:37:27 UTC 2017

On Feb 9, 2017, at 09:33, Dorien Herremans wrote:

> Thanks for the answer. I am really quite new to macports and I only wanted to install dolphin (kde4-baseapps). Errrr... Not sure how to approach this.

How did you end up with your ports installed with +quartz? Did you edit your variants.conf to include +quartz? Or did you specify +quartz manually at the command line?

> Can I somehow specify I want to remove all macports?

This will uninstall all ports, while leaving MacPorts itself installed:

sudo port uninstall installed

> And install kde4-baseapps +x11 or something?

kde4-baseapps does not itself have an +x11 variant. See:

$ port variants kde4-baseapps
kde4-baseapps has the variants:
   baloo: Add support for baloo indexing
   debug: Enable debug binaries
   docs: Build documentation

+x11 has always been the MacPorts default, so unless you specify +quartz at the command line or in variants.conf, you'll get +x11, where such a choice exists.

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