gmp's archive_site in Portfile disables custom archive_sites

Peter Brommer p.brommer at
Thu Jan 5 14:23:18 UTC 2017


it appears that gmp @6.1.2_0 breaks my macports setup, due to its use of “archive_sites” in the Portfile (to avoid installing from precompiled binaries).

I have two Macs, and I use the setup described in - one machine creates the local binaries not available from macports, the other one uses them via a customised archive_sites.conf.

gmp (and maybe other ports) unsets archive_sites to avoid installing from binaries (as discussed in, so it ignores my custom archive_site (aside: in principle, it should fail as I request binary-only with port -b upgrade, but if I read correctly that will be addressed in a future macports release). However, after building, installing and activating gmp, macports no longer used my local archive_site, but falls back to the default archive_sites.

I’m not sure if this is a bug, and I have a hard time reproducing it, as the second time I run the command, gmp is already upgraded, and it keeps using my local archive_site. Should I still file this as a bug? And against what?



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