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"Quartz" is not "XQuartz", is the point. XQuartz is X11. Quartz is the old
name for the native OS X 2D graphics API, still used for consistency. If
you tell me you don't want to use X11 but you want XQuartz, you're telling
me you want X11 instead of X11 (huh?).

(X11 is *not* native. OS X graphics is not, and never has been, based on

As for native graphics, it depends on the program and what toolkit if any
it uses. As an example, gtk2's native Core Graphics support is buggy: some
things work, some have odd bugs (xchat/hexchat won't autoscroll, for
example), some simply won't build because they explicitly use e.g.
gdk/x11.h instead of the portable Gdk API.

For inkscape, I see a standard gtk2 mode and an experimental gtk3 mode.
This is a problem because currently you can only install gtk2 and/or gtk3
for either native/"Quartz" or X11. (It should be possible to make gtk3 use
pluggable backends, but it doesn't currently. gtk2 is a lost cause in that
regard: you have to pick native or X11 and use it for everything. This is a
problem if one of the programs you want to use only works correctly with

On Fri, Jan 6, 2017 at 10:07 AM, Eneko Gotzon <enekogotzon at> wrote:

> Hi Brandon, thank you for take time to answer my question
> On Thu, Jan 5, 2017 at 11:51 PM, Brandon Allbery <allbery.b at>
> wrote:
>> XQuartz = X server under Quartz = X11 for OS X.
> I think I understand your statement.
>> So you *have* it for XQuartz. Do you mean you want it native instead?
> I am a little confused. Your "native" naming, applies to macOS ​or to
> the X Window System?
> Maybe the more relevant question for me is: what is the difference between
> the *quartz* & *[+]x11* variants of the inkscape port?
> ​Thank you very much, and, please, excuse me,
>> I
> ​ am sorry
> ​taking
>> your valuable time with this
> ​kind
>  of questions…
> ​ :(​
> ​Take care.
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