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> On a different note, I had assumed, perhaps too naïvely, that this sort of
> problem is what a package system is supposed to protect against.

But MacPorts is not a package system. It's a ports system. The difference
is that it adds flexibility (by way of variants; compare FreeBSD ports, and
Gentoo Portage's "use" flags) --- but at the price of problems like this,
and in particular that dependencies are difficult-to-impossible to handle
in the presence of variants because of combinatorial explosion of
dependencies (and packages built from them). Packages in this system are
really only possible with default variants (and, again, that is what you
get from other ports-based systems that also support packages).

So, you get your choice: use a package system and be forced to build your
own (ignoring the package system) when the package system chooses different
defaults than you need; or use a ports system that lets you specify what
you need, at the price of conflicts.

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