Inkscape 0.92.0 now available on MacPorts

David Evans devans at
Sun Jan 8 22:18:11 UTC 2017

On 1/8/17 1:52 PM, Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> Examining my many ports, I find (from sudo port installed and active | grep +x11  that I have 40 ports with +x11
> variant, including at least the two, cairo and pango,  that both quarts and x11 support enabled.   I seem to have no
> trouble with them. And only cairo, tango, and tk with +quartz variants.
> So it seems I should go with the +x11 variant of inkscape. 
> Now among the dependencies of inkscape (shown by sudo port info inkscape) I see:  
> Build Dependencies:   pkgconfig, autoconf, automake, libtool, intltool, perl5.24
> Library Dependencies: desktop-file-utils, popt, boehmgc, gdk-pixbuf2, gsl,
>                       gtkmm, dbus-glib, lcms2, poppler, boost, ImageMagick,
>                       libcdr-0.1, libexif, libvisio-0.1, libwpg-0.3, aspell,
>                       gtkspell2, potrace, py27-lxml, py27-numpy
> Is there some recursive port command that would reveal if any of these in turn have dependencies that use only quartz
> support but not x11 support, so I could do some kind of minimal rebuild with x11 and without disturbing any ports that
> might depend in turn on those other ports that use cairo or pango?
> That is, I don’t want to recklessly destroy working ports!

Murray --

Looks like we crossed messages.  I think it maybe a good idea to stick with inkscape +x11 as it works fine and inkscape
+quartz really has no advantage unless you want to run everything you can +quartz and don't mind uninstalling
conflicting +x11 ports.

If these are the only +quartz ports installed there's probably not much to do.  Doesn't look like you really did much
in the way of installing the +quartz dependencies for inkscape.  cairo and pango are correct as is and tk +quartz may be
required by something else although it's default variant is +x11. But it doesn't depend on gtk2 so it shouldn't conflict.

inkscape +x11 may work as is.  If not, uninstall all existing inkscape installations and then re-install inkscape +x11.
But resync your ports tree first if you haven't in the last day or so since there have been some minor changes.  This
will avoid any unnecessary rebuilds.

sudo port selfupdate
sudo port uninstall inkscape and installed
sudo port install inkscape +x11


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