MacPorts Mailman maintainer?

William H. Magill magill at
Tue Jan 10 20:10:36 UTC 2017

Is there an active maintainer for Mailman? 
The Available Ports listing lists "Maintained by: mps openmaintainer” - I do not understand this description.

I need to ask a few questions about the MacPorts installation of Mailman, not about Mailman itself.

For example:
1- How/where do the MacPorts installation of Mailman files map to the standard GNU locations.
	I can find some by trial and error, but others are not obvious.
	The Mailman support group talks about the old OSX Server installation, but not about the MacPorts version.

2- What configuration changes do I need to make to integrate it with the MacPorts Apache2 server.
	This is/may-be complicated by the fact that I point  DocumentRoot to the “Sites/htdocs” directory under my own ID, with links back to things like: 

I’m fairly certain that its something obvious I’m misinterpreting.

I’ve had the MacPorts Apache2/Mysqul/Php code running on my headless Mac mini for quite some time now.
I have been asked to handle a mailing list of about 1000 names for my retirement community.

The install seemed to go flawlessly. But . . .

Basically, I’m having issues getting Mailman to respond.
	I believe that I should be getting it to respond to:  <hostname>/mailman/admin, but have not yet gotten it to work.
	I have run into one comment that implies that an additional mime-type entry is necessary.

The files:
are generic GNU files.

The only clues I find are in the MacPorts install log file.

I started off with: sudo port select --set python python27 - from the install log.

# Be sure to verify the email and URL host settings in the Mailman configuration file (they may have been guessed incorrectly during the configuration step):
#    /opt/local/share/mailman/Mailman/

They seem to be correct.

# Be sure to add the following line to your Apache httpd.conf configuration file to enable Mailman web access:
#    Include /opt/local/etc/httpd/mailman.conf


# Be sure to set up the crontab entries for the 'mailman' user. Mailman runs a number of cron jobs for its basic functionality.
#     cd /opt/local/share/mailman/cron
#     sudo crontab -u mailman

Also done.
I am simply not getting the list maintenance interface to come up.

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