MacPorts Mailman maintainer?

Daniel J. Luke dluke at
Tue Jan 10 20:20:43 UTC 2017

On Jan 10, 2017, at 3:10 PM, William H. Magill <magill at> wrote:
> Is there an active maintainer for Mailman? 
> The Available Ports listing lists "Maintained by: mps openmaintainer” - I do not understand this description.

that means the port is maintained by 'mps' who also allows any MacPorts maintainer to make (minor) changes to the port.

> I need to ask a few questions about the MacPorts installation of Mailman, not about Mailman itself.
> For example:
> 1- How/where do the MacPorts installation of Mailman files map to the standard GNU locations.
> 	I can find some by trial and error, but others are not obvious.
> 	The Mailman support group talks about the old OSX Server installation, but not about the MacPorts version.

for any port, you can see all of the installed files using 'port contents portname'

so, 'port contents mailman' will help you out there.

> 2- What configuration changes do I need to make to integrate it with the MacPorts Apache2 server.

this works like any other mailman install (except that the port provides a nice mailman.conf file you can just include in your apache conf file).

> # Be sure to add the following line to your Apache httpd.conf configuration file to enable Mailman web access:
> #
> #    Include /opt/local/etc/httpd/mailman.conf
> Done
> # Be sure to set up the crontab entries for the 'mailman' user. Mailman runs a number of cron jobs for its basic functionality.
> # 
> #     cd /opt/local/share/mailman/cron
> #     sudo crontab -u mailman
> Also done.
> =======
> I am simply not getting the list maintenance interface to come up.

what does the httpd log say when you try?
Daniel J. Luke

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