JPortsUI has been updated to version 2017-07-02

Stephen Baber sbaber66 at
Sun Jul 2 22:18:19 UTC 2017

Updated with new features:
<> Better Variants picker UI with selected defaults, conflict
resolution, and Portfile presentation
<> Unmark/Clear Marks commands now also revert Variant edits
<> Separate grouping of Port's executable installed files with
descriptions via `whatis'
<> Command to create MacPorts missing `whatis' file (also helps `apropos')
<> Showing indication of symlink and `man' on installed files
<> Showing indication of replaced, subport, and originator on Ports table
<> Showing subport menu for originating Ports
<> Showing Port's usage Notes for any Port
<> All Port status filters show count else grayed-out
<> Grayed-out detail tabs when not applicable to a Port
<> Ability to cancel an ongoing `port' command
<> Mac menu bar replaces "More" commands button
<> Port licenses are case-normalized to reduce duplicates in Totals view

Fixed bugs where:
>< Wrong admin password hung the program
>< `port uninstall' of activated Port might fail without option "--follow-dependents"
>< Installing from "What's New" filter resulted in empty Port table
>< Partial maintainer info
>< Port's logo rendered as transparent when 24-bit
>< Pressing [ESC] key did not cancel a dialog
>< Black text on blue backgrounds

Feel free to grant a ticket or feature request with SourceForge's
"Tickets" navigation button or email me.  Thanks to Ryan, Rainer,
Richard, and DB for responding re integrating `whatis'.

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