Using an older port to make another port

db iamsudo at
Sun Mar 5 09:59:01 UTC 2017

On 5 Mar 2017, at 01:58, Michael <keybounce at> wrote:
> Ok, how?
> Is it as simple as "copy these files out of the git tree into the /opt tree"? And if so, will that "clean up" automatically the next time I do a selfupdate?
> Is there an environment variable I can set to say "Find the portfiles here, rather than in the default location"? My concern here is that I can easily think of cases where turning back a library requires turning back the programs that use that library.

· installing an older version of a port in the github era -- an answer

· set port not to upgrade

· Local Portfile Repositories

I haven't gotten around to make it with git, nor used local libraries yet, but you could try duplicating libarchive and cmake locally and make the latter dependent on a renamed version of the former, like port:libarchive_local in its portfile. For the caveats read the threads above.

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