autogen install or upgrade fails

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu May 4 01:52:36 UTC 2017

> On May 3, 2017, at 19:15, Richard L. Hamilton <rlhamil at> wrote:
> autogen fails rev-upgrade after installing from binaries (!)  (update: for some reason, later today it no longer attempts to install from binaries).  It then fails the build:
> :info:configure awk: can't open file /opt/local/include/guile18/libguile/version.h
> except of course that the file isn't there:

The file not being there would be an excellent explanation for why it cannot be opened. :)

Which guile ports are installed?

port installed name:guile

autogen has a dependency on the guile port, which is at version 2.0.14, and although the autogen configure process thinks it's found a guile installation, it shows that it found version 1.8, which shouldn't happen and is not what happens on my system.

> :info:configure configure: checking for guile 2.0
> :info:configure configure: checking for guile 1.8
> :info:configure configure: found guile 1.8

If you attach the config.log, that might help us figure out what's going on.

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