Terminal problems after ports update

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Mon May 8 21:42:00 UTC 2017

Every Monday I update Macports, but this time I'm starting to see some 
weird problems.  Firefox (the latest) was misbehaving in a way that took a 
reboot to fix; can't be more explicit than that but I do recall that it 
wouldn't restart properly, and when I killed it it wouldn't start from the 
task bar.

Then I find that Gnuplot isn't quite working; whenever I use "^P" to 
scroll back through the command history a newline is not taken, but a 
shell escape shows the TTY modes are correct; however, things like "reset" 
give the message "can't initialize terminal type xterm-256color (error 
-1)" even though Gnuplot reports it as "aqua".

However, things like VI work OK, so it doesn't look like a TTY mode bug.

Anyone else having these problems following a recent update?

MacBook runs 10.12.4, Firefox is 53.0.2 (64-bit), Gnuplot is 5.0.6.

Dave Horsfall DTM (VK2KFU)  "Those who don't understand security will suffer."

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