Failed Install KMyMoney - Uninstall?

J. W. Hicks jwhicks.hicks1 at
Sat Nov 11 23:53:19 UTC 2017

First post.

I tried to install KMyMoney today but the installation failed for Mac OS 10.13.1, using the following command:

$ sudo port install kmymoney4 @4.7.2_5

I believe I know why:

  1.  I declined to add a Java Run-Time Environment (didn't know this was required before I started)
  2.  I failed to install all of the XCode tools (thought I had).

I have to admit now this install was beyond my terminal skills and now want to clean out all these installs - I don't need the failed install KMyMoney, MacPorts, or XCode. I'll stick with GnuCash.

The MacPort Guide Section 2.4 suggests I request guidance here before I uninstall KMyMoney. It further suggests that I consider instead:

$ sudo port -fp uninstall installed

Q1: I presume this command will limit itself to my most recent attempted KMyMoney install. Is that correct?

Q2: Is this a better way than a full uninstall?

Q3:  Regardless of the answers to the above, I have a question that really slowed me down in this effort. offered me this: 4.7.2 for your Mac on MacPorts<> download. I did download it but never found a way to access this file on my Mac and the "port search" found version 4.7.2_5 anyway, so what was the point of the download?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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