Questions on the update to Apache 2.4

Davide Liessi davide.liessi at
Mon Nov 13 10:22:31 UTC 2017

I have some questions regarding the apache2 port and the update to version 2.4.

1) The user:group changed from www:www in 2.2 to daemon:daemon in 2.4:
was the corresponding reinplace line in post-patch forgotten or
intentionally omitted?

2) In version 2.2 the httpd-userdir.conf file was customized to match
the /Users/*/Sites directory naming of macOS: was the corresponding
post-patch block in the Portfile forgotten or intentionally omitted?

3) Version 2.2 had a patch to the httpd.conf file to deny access to
.DS_Store files, resource forks and named forks, which is omitted in
2.4: again, was this intentional?

4) What is the purpose of having the original configuration files both
in ${prefix}/etc/apache2 with .orig suffix and in

Best wishes.

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