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Tue Nov 14 09:39:14 UTC 2017

On 11/12/17 17:58 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> Hi Eric. You should write to the macports-users mailing list for help using
> MacPorts.

√ Done - I'm here. :)

> Lion is old. If possible on your Mac, please consider upgrading to a newer version of macOS.

Yes, I'll maybe go to ML. I stopped at Lion and didn't think ML brought much more to it, but it seems to be the bottom low version today. On my way to migrate my Mac Pro -> mini and the run it off-line. Perhaps I should do a clean install of ML then.

> Yes, you can construct lists of ports by exclusion on the command line, for example:
> sudo port upgrade outdated and not go
> // ... //
> sudo port upgrade outdated and not \( go mongo-tools \)

Thanks! That'll be fine. I'll use an alias|function to make it easy to go.

> No, there is no configuration file in which you could specify a list of ports to exclude. I don't think we really want to go down the path of making that easier, because MacPorts was designed with the expectation that you will upgrade all of your ports, and selectively excluding ports can lead to problems.

Yes, I understand that. It just felt like a common way to do it. And since there's a simular way to add things (ie. variants.conf) I guess that was the way to go.

// Perhaps I should uninstall it and install it manually instead - just to get it out of the MP system.

- - -

> Looks like Dan, the maintainer of the failing port, osxfuse, hasn't responded
> to the ticket. It's fine to send a message to the macports-dev mailing list
> asking if another developer could look into it.

Ok, thanks. I'll do that.

- - -

> This didn't used to be a problem, because we would copy the distfiles to our own server which uses a configuration that old OS versions can still talk to. But we are not automatically mirroring new distfiles at this time. I would like to get this back online soon, which will solve this problem. The issue is tracked here:
> I have manually mirrored the distfiles for the specific Python ports you mentioned, so you should now be able to install them on Mountain Lion or earlier.

Thank you so much - that was really helpful.

· Eric

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