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> Maybe I am misled by a hidden problem but when I moved from Lion to Sierra for similar reasons (browsers not maintained anymore for 10.7, etc.) I experienced a strong slow down of my machine (MBP, 8 Gb Ram, hard drive). I recovered speed when it died and I moved to a more recent machine with 16Gb and a SSD. So I would cautiously upgrade to Mavericks or Yosemite and stop there if enough in your case.
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There is a massive amount of conversion work done in the background when you first upgrade to Sierra or High Sierra.
Allowing the system to chug along for about 24 hours (depending on your disk size) gets rid of the sluggishness.

There is a “notification” which pops up warning you of this when you first login after the upgrade, but it is quickly dismissed and forgotten about. :)

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