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Maybe I am misled by a hidden problem but when I moved from Lion to Sierra for similar reasons (browsers not maintained anymore for 10.7, etc.) I experienced a strong slow down of my machine (MBP, 8 Gb Ram, hard drive). I recovered speed when it died and I moved to a more recent machine with 16Gb and a SSD. So I would cautiously upgrade to Mavericks or Yosemite and stop there if enough in your case.


> On Nov 14, 2017, at 03:39, iEFdev wrote:
>>> Lion is old. If possible on your Mac, please consider upgrading to a newer version of macOS.
>> Yes, I'll maybe go to ML. I stopped at Lion and didn't think ML brought much more to it, but it seems to be the bottom low version today. On my way to migrate my Mac Pro -> mini and the run it off-line. Perhaps I should do a clean install of ML then.
> Mountain Lion is not much better, from our perspective, because Mountain Lion and earlier use libstdc++, which doesn't support C++11, which many ports are requiring. Mavericks and later use libc++ which supports C++11. If your Mac can upgrade to Mountain Lion, it can upgrade to at least El Capitan, possibly even High Sierra. I'd recommend you upgrade to the newest version you can.

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