uninstall inactive port breaks active port

db iamsudo at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 12:15:59 UTC 2017

py-readline was replaced by py-gnureadline


Can I safely uninstall it?

$ port installed inactive
The following ports are currently installed:
  py27-readline @
$ sudo port uninstall inactive
Note: It is not recommended to uninstall/deactivate a port that has dependents as it breaks the dependents.
The following ports will break: scapy @2.3.3_0
Continue? [y/N]: n
--->  Cleaning py27-readline
$ port rdeps scapy | grep readline
$ port rdependents py27-readline
The following ports are dependent on py27-readline:

--->  py27-readline is replaced by py27-gnureadline
--->  Computing dependencies for py27-gnureadline
--->  Fetching distfiles for py27-gnureadline
--->  Attempting to fetch python-gnureadline-38f917de65ff089a22d551775f41a7300eb13010.tar.gz from http://nue.de.distfiles.macports.org/py-gnureadline
--->  Verifying checksums for py27-gnureadline                                       
--->  Extracting py27-gnureadline
--->  Applying patches to py27-gnureadline
--->  Configuring py27-gnureadline
--->  Building py27-gnureadline
--->  Staging py27-gnureadline into destroot
--->  Installing py27-gnureadline @6.3.3-20151013_0
--->  Cleaning py27-gnureadline
--->  Unable to deactivate py27-readline @, the following ports depend on it:
--->  	scapy @2.3.3_0+gnuplot+graphviz
Warning: Deactivate forced.  Proceeding despite dependencies.
--->  Deactivating py27-readline @
--->  Cleaning py27-readline
--->  Computing dependencies for py27-gnureadline
--->  Activating py27-gnureadline @6.3.3-20151013_0
--->  Cleaning py27-gnureadline

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