restore_ports.tcl - in infinite loop while sorting (sort_ports $portLis)

Chris Jones jonesc at
Thu Oct 12 12:16:19 UTC 2017

>> Deleting that entry does not resolve the problem.
>> I’m guessing there is another entry that it is trying to retrieve with no luck, but which one?
>> myports.txt has 324 lines - after deletion of istumbler. (wc -l)
>> The installation is nominally Apache2, Aspell, Mailman, Mysql 56, perl5, php56, postfix, python27 and a bunch of xorg stuff that I don’t recall what it is from.
>> I can ship off the file if anyone is interested.
>> Should this get a ticket filed?
>> I can simply re-install individually, unless there is an obvious answer to the problem.
> It's possible there's a dependency cycle in one of your ports (i.e. A depends on B depends on C depends on A). We don't allow dependency cycles, but every once in awhile they are introduced accidentally. MacPorts itself doesn't handle dependency cycles well, and it's possible restore_ports.tcl doesn't either. At this point I couldn't tell you which of your ports might be affected by that. If you can narrow it down, let us know. (Try restoring half your ports. If that works, try restoring the other half too.)

Personally I always follow a slightly different migration procedure to 
that in the guide. I follow the instructions to the point of having a 
list of all installed, and requested ports, but instead of just 
restoring them all, using the script, I manually look at the lists and 
install, by hand, the ones I know I am still interested in. Over time, 
if I found I have missed something I still use, I install it. I do this 
primarily as house keeping exercise to weed out stuff I no longer need.

I suggest the OP tries this rather than use the provided script.


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