Perl5 wrapper port...usage...?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Oct 15 21:06:20 UTC 2017

On Oct 15, 2017, at 00:22, Carlo Tambuatco wrote:

> So as I understand, the perl_select port is obsolete, right? 
> I’ve got perl5 wrapper port as well as the perl5.24 variant installed.
> I’ve also got various other perl versions installed so my perl installation list looks like:
>  perl5 @5.24.2_0+perl5_24 (active)
>  perl5.16 @5.16.3_4 (active)
>  perl5.18 @5.18.4_3 (active)
>  perl5.22 @5.22.4_0 (active)
>  perl5.24 @5.24.2_0 (active)
> with all the various default perl programs symlinked to perl5.24. If I wanted to switch the default 
> perl5.x to any of my other perl versions, what is the mechanism for doing so now that 
> perl_select no longer recognizes any installed perl? 

I guess there isn't a mechanism to do that. You used to be able to reinstall the perl5 port with the desired variant, but it looks like all variants other than perl5_24 have been deleted:

$ port variants perl5
perl5 has the variants:
[+]perl5_24: Use MacPorts perl5.24

Why do you want "perl" to be an earlier version of perl?

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