Upgrade to apache2 How To

Daniel J. Luke dluke at geeklair.net
Mon Oct 23 16:48:45 UTC 2017

On Oct 23, 2017, at 12:16 PM, Marius Schamschula <lists at schamschula.com> wrote:
> I ran a vanilla Mac OS X box as a server, using the built in apache, etc., with a few hand compiled additions in the days of 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4. Easy enough, when you are used to running Linux (I switched from mkLinux - Apple’s microkernel Linux on PPC).

MacPorts makes this easier.

> The late Mac OS X Server (10.6.8 Server, RIP) was great. The current server app has not come close to the old server OS in functionality.

I have Server.app around but mostly for CalendarServer. (Have long hacked the Apple configs so I'm using my own apache2 instead of theirs).

> The only thing I’m more puzzled about is: why haven’t more people switched to nginx? I run internal mediawiki using nginx and php71-fpm.


> One of these days I’ll see if I can get apache2 to talk to php71-fpm. I’ve tried before w/o any success.

It works fine. I've been running php-fpm for a long time (in my case, initially motivated by wanting to experiment with the threaded and event apache mpms).

Daniel J. Luke

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