In a mess with libc++ libstdc++ and OSX 10.7.5 Lion

Chris Jones jonesc at
Thu Sep 14 08:48:40 UTC 2017


On 14/09/17 09:34, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> On 14 September 2017 at 10:10, Chris Jones wrote:
>> Update to Sierra, it will save you most trouble in the long run.
>> No need at all to go to a store to get it done though, just do it
>> yourself.... Download the updater from the App Store and follow the
>> instructions. Firefox and LibreOffice might also need updating, if you
>> haven't kept them up to date, but both will work fine in the newer OS.
> Just to avoid any confusion from my long complex email: this *exactly*
> is my opinion as well.

If/when you do update the OS, you should of course follow the 
instructions at

to migrate MP.

> Going back in time and activate ports that already worked for you
> might be the fastest solution in the short run that could be done in
> 15-60 minutes (if you know what you are doing) without taking other
> risks of potentially hitting other issues on the new os.

Another option would be to restore the MP prefix (/opt/local normally) 
from a backup. Assuming you have backups of course... If not adding this 
to your regular maintenance to do list should be the first thing you do.

> But once the super-hurry is over, going to Sierra would greatly
> greatly reduce most of your headaches in the long run. The upgrade
> should be pretty fast and painless anyway.
> Any OSes below 10.9 are a bit of a headache and besides of security
> risks & lack of software it only makes sense to use them if you know
> exactly what you are doing and if you can help yourself when you hit
> problems.
> High Sierra is also on the way, but it will bring its own set of
> headaches until the majority of ports are fixed, so probably not
> suggested to install it yet if you cannot live with broken ports.

OT, but whether or not the mac OS10.13 is smooth or not depends a bit on 
what you update. If we put aside the APFS update for the moment, I 
expect it to be rather painless... I actually have tested the beta in a 
VM and it worked fine, I was able to build all the ports I normally 
install without issue..

The APFS update, for SSD macs, is another thing. This might well cause a 
number of issues. For instance last I heard Xquartz (xorg-server in MP) 
does not work with APFS. No idea if this is fixed (I understand it was 
an Apple issue). I rely on this so I will be holding off the update, or 
at least allowing the APFS conversion, until I hear news on this.. I 
suspect there will be other ports that will need updating to work with 
the new filesystem...


> Mojca

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