ancient ports requiring libssl 0.9

Jan Stary hans at
Thu Apr 19 08:26:53 UTC 2018

On Apr 18 23:17:44, ryandesign at wrote:
> > Also, the following require a specific version:
> > 
> > 	devel/libpdel			lib:libssl.0.9:openssl
> > 	mail/qpopper			lib:libssl.0:openssl
> > 	mail/sylpheed-devel (+ssl)	lib:libssl.0.9:openssl
> > 	net/jabber			lib:libssl.0.9:openssl
> > 	www/links1 (+ssl)		lib:libssl.0.9:openssl
> > 
> > Were these also intentinally left out? (And should
> > ports that require openssl 0.9 be killed with fire?)
> It seems unlikely that those ports require openssl 0.9 specifically, but rather that those ports have not been updated since we started recommending the use of port: dependencies instead of lib: dependencies a decade or more ago.

They are all abandoned ports anyway. I removed them in
but there is a debate about whether they shuld have stayed.

SO firstly: does anyone use any of the above ports that haven't
been maintained in > 10 years, don't hva homepage, don't have
a maintainer, and upsstream says not to use them?

If so, we might bring them back with the libssl dependency fixed.


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